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Earth Connection – Where Art Though?

Jet-lag for me is a killer. I am ok going from east to west but the return leaves me with my body present but no mind. Seriously. It is as though the mind takes a more scenic route and finally arrives a good few weeks later.

Until then?

Consequential brain fog. No short term memory. Walking into walls which are not there or going to step down when there is not a step to be taken. No balance, nauseous, headaches, totally out of sorts, no patience, short fuse, lost in the atmosphere. It’s a serious problem and a challenge for me. Not the sleep bit. I do all the adjusting to time zones and light but there is just nobody home – in me.

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Black Fur and White Cotton

Sitting in the garden, whites drying on the line and black cat sleeping in the chair beside me, life is good.

Stopping to read my first sentence, I feel blessed for the simple things which add to life. Often too easily we get caught up in drama, focusing only on problems or imprisoning ourselves in the web of pettiness. It’s good to be reminded held within any struggle are bountiful moments of ordinary peace which can go unnoticed flitting by a busy mind.  Something more pressing holds attention, like the last ping on our phones, the rampant to do list charging through our minds or echoes of conversations, both had and not had, reverberating, scoop us up and away.Read More

The Shifting of the Scales

Question: Why do you think people are so unsettled?

We live in a time when we’re loosing healthy balance. With too much emphasis on the material world (what we have, what we want, what we would like, how other people see us) the scales have shifted.

With technology making huge jumps it has taken centre stage and with it we’ve become far to surface. Both in thinking and and as well, doing. Every day social media grabs more minds into its web where (as my husband aptly described it) ‘surface to surface communication’ is applauded.Read More

Not enough time?

I had a dream about time.

The beginning of the dream was total darkness. Then a spotlight shining on an old grandfather clock. As I watched the face of the clock opened and out escaped a Court Jester. He started to run away and as he did, I realised that this was Time running away from me. My first reaction was to chase Time. But the faster I ran, the faster he ran. After a struggle I was able to corner him. Then using martial arts I tried to fight Time but to no avail, as always he just moved a bit out of my reach. Finally, after realising I could not stop Time by either catching or fighting I pointed my finger at him. Then with total focus directed the runaway back into the clock, making him get into the base of the clock rather than the face. This dream taught me that time is a concept which we all agree and the only way to control time is to focus, directing it to do what you want.

When stressed, minds speed up as does time. We believe there isn’t enough time to do all we need to get done. It’s all an illusion. Remember time is malleable. So when struggling with a deadline believing you don’t have enough time, stop and remember the many other deadlines successfully met. Proving even against all odds there always seemed to be enough. Positive reinforcement relaxes the mind and as it does the mind slows. The slower the mind, the more time we feel we have.

A relaxed mind expands time.

Then it is about defining time. If you have a project to complete – give it a start and finish. By defining that slot and then ‘pointing your finger’ with total focus on the work at hand, time will and does expand.

Remember Time will always step out of reach. We can’t catch or fight it but what we can do is take control through focus. Remember to do ‘your finger pointing.’

1  Recall past deadline successes

2  And Relax

3  Define a time slot – start to finish

4  And focus

Make Time do what you want. Time works very well with a relaxed mind. I have always found Time most agreeable.

Listener: What if we can’t get a picture out of our mind? How do we see inside our mind?

Two questions from one listener. In the first they struggle with the haunting of painful images and in the second want to see the beauty that lies within. Two questions from two perspectives.

So let’s start with the first. What if we can’t get a picture out of our mind?

Unable to forget, let go or move forward from a situation which haunts is indicative of an emotional intensity spike. Remember emotional energy fuels all things. Very useful when wanting something to manifest as that energy helps propel the desire into manifestation. But when emotions, feelings are not positive, causing despair, anxiety, anger (because the memory or situation has not yet healed) then these feelings like a hook get stuck feeding the mind-space, bringing it to the forefront. Demanding attention.Read More

Listener: How do we distinguish between what we need and what we want?

Loving this question. How do we know what is important or just something to attain?

A need prompts the path forward. While a want is a short lived satisfaction. For example if after looking high and low for those perfect red shoes myself  I ask myself “Hmm.. Do I really need these?” The answer maybe “Yes!! They’ll be perfect for the upcoming wedding!” This answer is short lived – shoes for the wedding than thrown to the back of the closet, no longer important. This makes them a want. I want shoes to match my dress.

However if I have an issue with my feet and buy shoes which really fit properly then it’s more of a need, as to have comfortable shoes helps you to go forward (both literally and figuratively). And red? Well, that works either way.

A want often is something which when we get it we feel good for the moment but then soon forgotten as another want comes along. There is nothing wrong with wanting but when you have limited funds it is often good to think – what will this do for me in the long run?Read More

Listener: Where should we look for the answer?

Held within a deeper part of ourselves is the River of Wisdom. Always flowing, it holds answers, understandings, knowledge – a connection to all that there is. Standing on its bank is our inner wise-man or wise-woman. It is this Spiritual aspect of self that is able to see the bigger picture.

Whenever I struggle with the confusion of what is I ask my wise-woman for help and clarity. I trust the wisdom (which we all hold) will make it to the surface of my consciousness, broaden my awareness and shift my perspective. Already feeling lighter in my being and with a thank you, I leave it with her as that deeper more aware part starts to get to work.Read More

Riding the Wave

I fell in love with beauty.

We visited Paris over the weekend. There is such a timelessness about this city. With steps spurred by the abundance of refreshing visages I was swept into the arms of aesthetics. Like water in the desert, I drank deeply through my eyes.

Beauty does that to me. It’s very important. Just as some thirst for sunshine, I thirst for aesthetics. Always a visual person I notice very much what is around me. But, it goes further than that. To me, to feast on beauty is to fill the corners of my heart. It is not that a sunset doesn’t do it or those first blossoms of spring as most certainly they too quench that thirst. But there is something special when beauty is created by human touch, ingenuity, imagination, focus and skill. All blended together, holding the light of balance and the stillness of awe a ‘rightness’ is created. When an object feels ‘right’ it looks beautiful. A matter of  balance, created through thought. When we come across a beautiful object it is felt through the eyes which then opens the heart. Aesthetics is a feeling. For me – it’s love.Read More

The Shifting of the Scales


Question: Why do you think people are so unsettled?

We live in a time when we’re loosing healthy balance. With too much emphasis on the material world (what we have, what we want, what we would like, how other people see us) the scales have shifted.Read More

Sitting in our Slivers

Recently I reread a diary by my 14-year-old mind. Then it all seemed so simple. To me animals were more sussed than humans relying on instinct not reason. Concerned clearly with survival they do what is necessary. While people tend to see survival through obtaining and holding power, animals instinctively fit within their environment dependant on inner drives. We however, see the world around us as something we can have, own, manipulate. Not something to share and nurture.

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