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The Energy of the Cut

With Spring in the Air, it’s time to get busy with the garden cleanup. Grabbing my secateurs I begin with the pruning. But as stems fall around me I suddenly find myself questioning –

  • Is this the right time?
  • Am I cutting in the right place?
  • Am I doing it right?

As I tend to garden more from instinct than with knowledge I hesitate. But not for long as what I lack in know-how I make up for in faith. Faith in my ability to know what to do and when to do it. As well, faith in Nature’s resilience. So with this trust, I carry on. 

What does this teach me about the ‘Energy of the Cut’?

With each cut I make I am altering its’ growth direction. Now no longer following the same route energy pulls back, regroups, before it resumes. Stronger because of the prune. Heathier because of my decision.

When we make the decision to cut something away, we do the same. And just like the plant, regroup. No longer going outwards we have more energy ready for redirection, for future growth.

For example-

• Cutting back on spending means we spend less and save more.

• By ‘cutting out’ friends/situations which don’t serve us we make the conscious choice to redirect making healthier/productive choices.

• Being told to “Cut it out!” tells us to ‘STOP’. Which changes energy flow.

• We can ‘cut away’ confusion by choosing improved communication and gain clarity with more information.

The ‘Energy of the Cut’ is decision-based. With each cut, the stem shortens. But if I hesitate, pull back, the cut is incomplete. I end up wounding the plant with my uncertainty. My action needs to be concise. Not hesitant. Otherwise, it confuses energy flow. Part of you going forward while part goes inward. Just as cutting halfway weakens the plant, so the same with us.

Nature teaches we can enhance growth with conscious choice. Think about where your energy is going. Are your actions and decisions serving you or do you just carry on? Is it time to grab those secateurs? As the ‘Energy of the Cut” instructs – be committed to taking action. Don’t make the cut if still uncertain. As with the plant, this directs your future.

Oh… and one last word. Another lesson from Nature – often the hardest cut – ends up being the best.