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Cindy Hurn Show

Cindy Hurn Show

cindy hurn show

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Ever wonder what goes on in another's mind? Or what goes on in yours?

Click here to listen to my internet radio show, broadcast every Monday at 2pm (UTC -5) or 7pm (GMT) radio or here to listen to the podcasts on Talk 4 Podcasting at any time.

For many, minds only become apparent when too loud. Internal chatter, anxiety feeding images or negating self-talk takes up far too much space leaving us low, exhausted, struggling to move forward. But at other times our mind changes from destructive to creative with lots of ideas, plans, desires, hopes and visions of the way forward fuelling energy, drive and pleasure.

Which comes first - reacting to what is happening around us or reacting to what we are thinking? How can thought propel feeling - the roller-coaster of the mind?

I am a Mind Traveler.

With my successful Coaching practice and Personal Development workshops I’ve traveled into many a mind opening the doors of internal processing - freeing trapped patterns of thought while Awakening the Spirit.

Now in it’s sixth year The Cindy Hurn Show explores the landscape of the mind. While guests share the colour, shape, texture, sounds and workings of how they think and feel and listeners ask questions other doors are opened for deeper understanding.

"I've never met a mind I haven't liked. Potential is always present but if ignored lays undiscovered. An undiscovered mind is a sleeping giant which can and does get grumpy through frustration.  The mind is powerful and with control become our greatest ally but without robs us of peace of mind. A mind without peace will indeed let you know."

Curious about the landscape of your mind? Why not join me as my Mind Travel Guest on The Cindy Hurn Show. So much wonderment lies within. My guests love the experience, leave inspired and with a desire to do it all again. I'm a regular guest on other stations including frequently being on BBC Radio Norfolk. I'm also available as an inspirational speaker with thought provoking and inspired delivery. Why not add me to your event. Contact me for further details.


Think of your mind like a vast landscape waiting to be discovered. Most of us never really stop and think about what is going on inside. Too busy with dealing with the outside (the world around us) and neglecting the world within. In my show I draw attention to deeper understanding and encourage reflection. It is my hope that like rays breaking through a clouded sky we can all see so much more of what lies within.

Either I am Mind traveling with my guest or I have the ‘Ask Cindy’ segment of the show. Here I encourage my listeners to jump into the chat room and type their questions about what I’ve said or what they want to understand further. My listeners like myself are quite deep thinkers as the questions reflect. I answer them live if not on that show then on others. As well as answering them in my blog

Here I invite a guest (it could be you) to join me on the show and in the process of conversation they travel inside sharing with us what it looks like and inevitably have those AH HA!! Moments. My guests leave inspired wanting to return for more.

Just ask. Get in touch with me. You do not have to be in my studio with me as you know Skype makes all things possible.

I am in my sixth year of weekly shows.

Always I have been fascinated by what lies within so I thought what better way to discover more of the wonderment which we all have.

Easy either listen live or check out the podcasts on iHeart Radio at any time.