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COVID19 – The Lesson of the Dream

Last night I dreamt of finding two locked boxes on an empty road. I knew I had to open the boxes but they were securely locked down. I proceeded with caution but managed to open the lid of the first box only to find a second more colourful box within. After a bit of a struggle I unfastened the inside box. Discovering a tightly wound spring I carefully put it in my pocket. But then all of a sudden, the spring no longer contained burst forth. Changing into a cardboard cutout of a head shortly before erupting into multiple blossoms.

So let’s break it down.

Starting with the empty road, the dream is current. Depicting the silence on our roads and the lack of outside activity due to the COVID19 Virus. The locked boxes? The first box metallic and functional represents the lock down we are experiencing. We have to social distance, life on the outside for most stopped. While the second more colourful box represents the effects of feeling locked down, locked in ourselves. On hold, contained, feeling in-prisoned. Held in. Unable to get out.Read More