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Hypnotherapy In Norwich, Norfolk with Cindy Hurn.
Why Hypnotherapy?

HYPNOTHERAPY thought to originate from the sleep temples of ancient Egypt, uses the power of will and imagination to create positive change. An effective and natural therapy concentrates the mind to shift self-limiting belief patterns. Used with counselling it is very proactive utilising increased self-awareness with practical application. An invaluable aid for Personal Development and Mind Management.

Healthy energy is productive energy. It is often when we feel blocked or stuck disease sets in. Hypnotherapy strengthens resolve calling on our ability to get on with life in a creative and constructive way.

Hypnosis can be used for many different problems. From confidence to pain management, to exam nerves or sleep disorders. If there is something you feel you want to change and need to access inner strength then this form of therapy will be a support by concentrating your will to heal, overcome or manage limitations. Therefore it is useful for all areas in your life, emotional difficulties, stress, physical ailments, motivation, goal setting and inevitably Personal Awareness.

Whether it is a habit you want to change (such as smoking), behaviour pattern you want to overcome (comfort eating) or to increase confidence and self-belief Hypnotherapy is an effective, powerful and comfortable tool for change. One of the many benefits gained through Hypnotherapy is a better sense of well being, a definite feel good factor about you. In fact with over 15 years in practice I have never found anything it doesn’t help. After all it is you wanting to create positive change and when we decide to change - it happens.

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Yes, but only if they want to. As hypnosis is a very natural state all of us can achieve this very relaxed inner space. Hypnosis is accumulative therefore each time you have a session the trance state will feel stronger. Most likely this is because you will want to return there and therefore you are aiding the process. People who say they can't be hypnotised, don't really want to be. For some it takes a few sessions to let go and trust the process. Each treatment is individual in this respect.

While in hypnosis the brain waves alter therefor anyone with a history of epilepsy should seek an alternative route to healing. Also contact lenses need to be removed during treatment.

Through the power of the voice and your own intent, the busy part of your mind is relaxed, opening the door to your inner world, the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is a very powerful part of your self and it is here that we hold our belief systems. Once relaxed the subconscious mind takes on board the suggestions for change that we have discussed before hand. Once we change what we believe about ourselves, we then create the change in our lives that support that belief.

For the most part yes. However, there are several different layers to the trance state. The deeper you go the more you relax, so it is possible to relax so much that you don't recall all that is said to you. However it is important to note that you will only go as deep as far as you are comfortable. If you are uneasy you will go into a light trance state.

No. As stated above in order for you to be hypnotised you need to be willing.

If you are really relaxed it has been known to happen. But not to worry I am able to continue even to the melodic drone of snoring. One client snored deeply through the whole treatment but afterwards was able to repeat exactly what I said.

You will feel very relaxed, positive and comfortable in yourself, with a good night's sleep to follow.

Always the first part of the session we discuss what is going on with you. Hypnotherapy also incorporates counselling, as it is important for you to understand what is going on with you in order to change it. Also, it helps me to devise a personalised script and update it as you progress. Then the hypnosis, in which you can either sit in a chair or lie on a couch.

This is a difficult question to answer, as it is dependent on the client and the issue. Certainly with phobias or habit breaking I have had success with only one or two treatments. Whatever the time, even with just a single session you will benefit considerably. Why? Because it is what you want. The success of the treatment is determined by the intent of the client.

No. Again hypnosis is a very natural state of mind. We are using this state to help you heal yourself.

Hypnotherapy is very effective way to quit smoking. I have a high success rate, with the majority quitting on the first session. The minority which do not, do cut down to only a few cigarettes in the following week and as they smoke, wonder why. Often those few are stubbed out before finished - the desire has gone. Those that quit on the first time, on their second visit it is strengthened. With the clients who have cut down, realising they no longer want to smoke, easily quit on the second visit.

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Hypnotherapy sessions are based in my practice in Norwich, Norfolk but sessions are also available remotely. These sessions work equally as well and can be done in the comfort of your own home. Sessions can be booked by visiting our on-line shop. Please remember to call me after booking your session to arrange a suitable date and time for our call.