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Shaking off the Dust

It’s amazing how the simplest of decisions can make a huge change to your current mindset. Like most of us, I too am getting a bit tired of the four walls of COVID. I work from home and with my husband needing to shield I have curtailed my life outside. On top of that, unable to exercise due to a hip issue for the last three weeks the walls were closing in. Ohh.. did I mention the continuous rain?

Anyway (not to moan but to set the scene) last Sunday my husband asked if I would like to go for a walk in the woods. Although feeling better it was one of those questions which weighed equally. I could go but it was still raining. Or I could stay home… 

I said yes before I could give it a second thought. Donning my rain gear and boots I was so glad I did. For I was to be reminded how the gentle power of nature snaps you out of your mindset. And all we have to do – is be with it.

Stepping into the autumnal wood my shoulders dropped. 

It was the smell of the damp which hit me first. I felt its life force entering through my nose. Reaching all the way down to the tips of my toes, my senses burst into life. And with that I too burst. Feeling invigorated and present back in the world. No longer caught up in the mind with each footfall connecting me more into myself and the beauty around me. Pretty much instantly I felt totally different. I felt awake.

How does nature work her magic?

The Earth has a slower vibration than our own. So, as we engage we step into the Earth’s broadband and we slow to match. Which is another way of saying we drop down from our mind. Stepping into the physical the mind slows, we relax.

How does this change happen?

  • I smelled the richness of the season
  • Saw the beauty of the foliage
  • Felt the gentle trickle of the rain 
  • Heard the raindrops from the canopy dropping down to the leaves below
  • Tasted the aliveness of the energy around me

Nature – just doing what it does, without needing my intervention, awoke me to my senses.

The gift of Nature pulls us into the moment. And being in the moment means we are exactly that, we are where we are. When we are in the mind we can be anywhere – which can lead us down avenues where we may not want to be. Instead of absorbing the wonderment, we fuel anxiety. Instead of focusing of abundance, we fear lack. 

Let’s face it. There is a lot to deal with at the moment. The world in her topsy turvy cycle of great change can unground you. But we are not without resources to bring back a sense of balance. And all it takes is saying yes, going out for a walk.

Nature gives us a break from ourselves. In the most natural of ways it is our reboot. Helping us to re-align and re-centre. As senses awaken life force rises shaking off the dust of struggle. Stepping out of the mind and into the natural world perspective shifts. And as in my case, helping us once again see – all that is right with the world.