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What's holding you back? 

This book provides an eagle’s perspective into patterns of behaviour blocking the flow of creative energy. Awakening greater visibility of self, it brings the reader insight into frustrating habits that attract Stuckness. Patterns made visible are key to growth and change.

And that’s the thing. We all know what it feels like to be stuck. How uncomfortable, frustrating, limiting, self-negating. We also know how fantastic it feels when we are in ‘the zone’. Energy flows as we surf the well-being wave. The Sticky Book of Stuckness is all about recognising and healing negating energy patterns.

This is not a ‘How To’ book but a ‘Where You Are Book’. As with any awareness-raising, its aim is to shed light on how we trip ourselves up, lose momentum, go off track or change track all together – get, in a word, ‘Stuck’. When entangled in the Stuckness Web, energy flow suffers strangling and inhibiting life force.

Identifying 30 stuckness patterns within three mindset categories Cindy’s concept changes minds, throwing back the curtains of confusion the light of awareness floods in. For it is only when we can see something we can change it.

This book will help you-

1. Recognise how and when you get off track
2. Identify and shift behaviour to maintain momentum
3. Take action to release the sticky strand of stuckness
4. Take control and live your best life
5. While opening the doors of awareness to personal growth

When we step into the creative flow our Heart sings. Unobstructed vitality and life force steps up to the plate diminishing fear. If more of us could see ourselves as balls of energy and without judgement, work towards untangling the web of Stuckness, how much better for us all?

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We all do. Getting stuck is a natural process. Among other things it reflects hesitancy, doubt, lack of clarity, lack of self belief. Having the awareness and a greater understanding of how your energy helps us. We can see how and when we go off track, block ourselves, pull away or stop what we intend to do. This book is rather like a spotlight on your behaviour. Habitual patterns which we do often without knowing. Turning up the light of Self Awareness shows clearly negating behaviour.

I see everything as energy. So imagine you are a ball of energy. When we are in a productive creative flow our energy is directed outwards. Creative energy fuels the Spirit. But when it is blocked we feel frustration, self doubt, hopelessness, confusion. When energy is stuck we feel a lack in life, in ourselves.

How do you feel right now? Vibrant and engaged or avoiding and hiding. Ignoring what you would like to do. Putting yourself on pause. When we are stuck - we just know it. Stuck energy doesn’t feel so good.

It shines the light of Awareness helping you to see habitual patterns of behaviour so that you can step out of Stuckness. Becoming more of who you truly are. With common sense theories and metaphoric insight you are led of a journey of discovery. You discovering you.

Yes. Which is why it is good to have this book around and use it for reference and deeper reflection.