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Seeing the Bigger Picture

From working with Cindy and her impressive bank of skills l have benefited on a deep and profound level, which has impacted on the success of my company and the way l live my life.
I have gained an ability to see the bigger picture, l am able to trust my own instincts and now enjoy a more relaxed and fun approach to understanding what l need and want from my life.
My business is flourishing and l enjoy more fun time with my children, so as modern life places greater demands on us all l believe we owe it to ourselves to keep up with the pace but on our own terms.
I will continue to look forward to my sessions with Cindy which l view as a wonderfully holistic, healthy proactive way to manage in today’s modern business environment.


Hypnotherapy has done wonders for me! it is amazing what Cindy has done for me. I can’t believe it! I started smoking at 10 years old and have stopped after one session at the age of 64. I was a 20 cigarettes a day man and I experienced no withdrawal symptoms. In fact after three days of quitting my wheezing which was really bad stopped. I find I have so much more energy. I feel so great. My wife can’t believe it and thinks I am a much nicer person now that I am no longer addicted to cigarettes. I highly recommend Cindy.
Thank you.



“After the first session I had a smile that wouldn’t go away for the entire week.”

Life Coaching/Personal Development

Stress Related Headaches

For years I have suffered stress related headaches. After the second session, Cindy made me realise there was allot more to my daily headaches. I was treating the symptoms (not successfully) with medication but not treating the stress, the problem. Through understanding more about stress I felt a HUGE amount better. I used to be tensed up all the time but now I am headache free and taking time for me. I am able to enjoy everything allot more. Thank you Cindy.

Life Coaching/Personal Development

Work/Life Balance – never taking a holiday

from Venezia
To Cindy,
We’re here! Thank you so much.

Barry & Lorraine

Pre-Operative Surgery

I was due to have a second minor operation on my right ear. I was feeling very nervous as the first operation had been incredibly painful. As once the local anaesthetic had worn off and during the operation I had felt incredibly tense and in allot of pain. I decided to have a session of hypnotherapy with Cindy as I had become increasingly fearful as the operation date drew nearer. After the Hypnotherapy session I felt immediately calmer and more positive.

The actual experience of the operation was so different to the expectations I had had. The calmness I felt whilst on the operating table was more than I had hoped for. The pain I experienced after the operation was minimal in comparison to the first operation. Even the injections to administer the local anaesthetic, which had been so painful at the first operation were by no means as bad as I had remembered them to be.

I would never have expected to feel so calm in such a situation.



Cindy Hurn changed my life. For years I haven’t been able to solve my difficulties or sort myself out. Through regular sessions I have gained knowledge and a perspective that has enabled me to overcome all the resistance I had placed on myself. I feel great!

Life Coaching/Personal Development

Work/life Balance

I have worked with Cindy on several occasions over the past 15 years, most recently over a number of weeks to explore the complexity of resolving life/work/relationship tensions.I work as a charter pilot, with rather erratic schedules, which wrench chunks of time away at short notice. I was becoming increasingly unhappy with this, and my resulting inability to have any sense of balance in my life, or any focus on what was important to me.

Over a period of weeks, the safe, relaxed atmosphere that Cindy created allowed me to explore how to resolve these issues, and her insightful guidance was instrumental in me feeling able to change the set patterns that I had fallen into.

I was very grateful for the experience, help and candour she offered over that period.

Vic Long – Pilot

Excessive Sweating

“For many years I have suffered from excessive sweating. I was always fearful, apprehensive, anxious, believing I was not good enough. As a last resort and with a great deal of scepticism I tried hypnotherapy. The result was beyond my expectations and extremity beneficial. I have more confidence and am much more positive, creating a life that I look forward to rather than fearful of. My problem with sweating has lessened considerably. I am now able to wear dark shirts, something I would never have considered before. The improvements are more wide reaching than I imagined.”


Life Challenge

Chris and I would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the work you have done with our severely brain damaged son Darren. We were told in the beginning there was no hope, that was nearly five years ago.Then we were told from a dear friend about you. You have brought Darren forward, he could not communicate properly. But now with all the work you did with him his carers and us are able to understand what he wants.

Darren was very underweight and was going down hill fast. But now his weight is up and he has been discharged from the hospital dietician whom is so happy for the way he has progressed. And without your input and support he would not be where he is today.

Also Chris and I would like to thank you for all the time you gave to Darren and to us when he was in hospital and many thanks for all your support. We will always be grateful for the faith you gave to Darren and to us. You never walked away until Darren got to where you wanted him to be. We would strongly recommend you to anybody who has a brain injury because if any person can help it is you.

We will always keep in touch and we are truly happy and grateful for your patience, your support and most of all the way you brought Darren on. Darren’s brain was starved of oxygen and to get him where he is you were truly amazing in all the work that you did with him.

God Bless you Cindy.

All our love
Jenny and Chris
And a special message from Darren
Thank-you Cindy for giving me the chance to go forward and believing in me. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Life Coaching/Personal Development

Medical and Needle Phobia

“People don’t realise how phobias run your life. For years there were so many things I just could not do for fear of contacting those fears. For example, when I went to a restaurant I made sure that I did not sit in the middle of the restaurant because I was afraid of over hearing anyone talking about their operations. I was unable to go into a hospital, had severe problems going to the dentist, or seeing my doctor. After the first session I left Cindy and took a shortcut home- through the hospital! Hypnosis has totally transformed my life. I am able to watch TV, go to the movies without the fear of what I might see. The other day I went to have a skirt altered. I stood there with pins going all the way down either side of the skirt without any reaction at all. Before seeing Cindy I couldn’t even look at a needle or pick up a pin from the floor. I would react so badly I would almost pass out. I can’t believe the difference. After the third treatment I went and had my ears pierced!”


Stress Related Headaches

For years I have suffered stress related headaches. After the second session, Cindy made me realise there was allot more to my daily headaches. I was treating the symptoms (not successfully) with medication but not treating the stress, the problem. Through understanding more about stress I felt a HUGE amount better. I used to be tensed up all the time but now I am headache free and taking time for me. I am able to enjoy everything allot more. Thank you Cindy.

Life Coaching/Personal Development

Positively You!

Approximately 18 months ago I attended a Personal Development Course run by Cindy Hurn. The course was geared to include points such as positive thinking, stress management, breaking old habits and the importance of communication.
Cindy Is a very warm person who has a gift for inspiring confidence and her courses are structured in such a way that one moves through a logical procession of ideas and thought patterns which enable one to deal more effectively with all aspects of life.
There is no failure with Cindy’s teaching but a growth that continues even when the course has finished.
I have no hesitation in recommending Cindy’s services to others.

Jacki Smart – Administration Manager
Authentic Training for Business

Fear of Flying (group of 3)

From Tenerife – Made it! We are having a fabulous holiday – it’s 32 degrees here today, I did really well on the flight – one glass of wine only, no tears and pretty calm – we even played scrabble. Thank you,


From Australia -You were right Cindy. I was fine, very relaxed about the whole flight. We were even delayed due to mechanical problems. Thank you for your help and good wishes. From now I’m going to enjoy.


From Tenerife – Made it! We are having a fabulous holiday… I did really well on the flight – one glass of wine only. No tears and pretty calm. We even played scrabble.

Thank you,

Mind Travel Guest

I was honoured to be a guest on The Cindy Hurn Show and became an instant fan and regular listener. Cindy has a quick mind and deep understanding of what makes us tick as individuals. She is fascinated with both new people and old friends. I feel I learn something new each show…

Jane Yates – Author of Garden and the Paradox Child Series
The Cindy Hurn Show

Life Challenge

I first met Cindy when I needed guidance about work and picked her at random. Of course nothing is really random, and she has been there for me at all the times when I was in need of help and insight, and looking back, I see the threads that connect us, and the places that I have made a positive turning in my life because of her input.
That first meeting led me to make an unexpected (for me but probably not for Cindy!) choice of job, which turned out to be the most fulfilling job I ever had in 35 years of nursing. It also led to other connections with other people for whom Cindy was able to instigate wonderful changes.Her work with one brain-injured young man who is very dear to my heart was lovely to watch, like the unfolding of a rare and bright flower. It was watching her work with him, that helped me to believe without doubt that things can be acheived with faith and hope and love used with wisdom and insight, that I would have thought impossible. From that time on, Cindy has helped me to widen my horizons and never settle for less than miracles.
I have taken courses with Cindy that are always full of surprises and new insights. She has gifts that hover around the edges of mystery, and whenever I talk with her I’m in another place, much deeper and richer than this material world.
Over a year ago, I had a bad accident which left me paraplegic and in longterm hospital care. Early on, Cindy came to see me and in one session changed the course of my recovery from negative to positive. I don’t understand what she does, but she led me to see that my bodily damage was not the end of living but the start of a new and different way of living. She helped me to refocus on my inner strength and inner life, and that’s where I lived for many months of surgery and medical problems. So many people commented on how brave I was. It wasn’t bravery – it was simply not focussing on pain and difficulty, but on deeper values – the love I received from so many people, the peace I found when I was alone and went into a quieter place within myself – things I had learned from Cindy’s hypnotherapy and counselling.
Cindy has ways of seeing life that are simply magic. Without her input, my life would be much poorer. I guess my real life is like a old painting that has been in the attic for years – Cindy has helped me to bring it out into the light, clean it up, and watch the colour come to life.”

Life Coaching/Personal Development

Fear of Flying

I had the enormous fortune of meeting Cindy Hurn after 8 very frustrating years living with an absolute terror of flying.  Cindy was my third attempt at hypnotherapy.  With her wonderfully calm, positive way she reopened the World to me.  To begin with I would need “top-up” sessions between holidays, but now I happily fly the World.  Where, once I would literally feel ill at the noise of an aircraft overhead, I can now fly long haul without a problem – all, genuinely thanks to Cindy.


Stress Management

Stress is our worst enemy today! I have been in business now over 50 years and worked in 7 countries and during this time have visited all five continents and most of the countries of the world, and only when I retired did I understand what is Stress and how it effects your life. You know this was not the case 50 years ago, when I started, life was much slower, no telex, no fax, no PCs, no cel phones, no e-mail, no smart phones, and no tablets, and it is clear now that each new communication devise increases the pressure and stress. This on top of in house competition and cost cutting being the name of the game these days.

As good businessmen we need to ensure that we, and our employees are given the opportunity to understand this stress before it is too late and we crack up and start making mistakes. That is why I recommend all should study and use EMM – Executive Mind Management as taught and practiced by Cindy Hurn.

The best way to succeed is to stay on the path to success. With dedication, focus, vision, determination and sacrifice you will get to where you want to go as each step driven by planning, hard work and opportunity brings you closer to your goal. All enviable skills with great rewards. (Excerpt from Cindy Hurn’s publication)
And to achieve these lofty goals, those who inspire to this require Mind Management, to help keep their equilibrium, and the “best way to succeed is to stay on the path” is with Cindy Hurn to guide you, using all her experience and know how in this field.
Andrew Macdonald – President AMCON Consulting

Personal Development Workshop

Cindy’s workshops are extremely motivating and inspiring. You come away feeling that you have ignited something within, that you have made a deep connection with yourself.

I feel that Cindy has time for all the participants on her workshops and has respect for every individual.  I feel she genuinely wants to help everyone to realise and reach their own potential.

Jo Farrow
Authentic Training


I went to see Cindy a few years ago because I wanted to quit smoking. I had tried several times to go it alone but I was unsuccessful. I was a little skeptical but I really wanted it to work. Cindy put me at ease straight away and I felt really comfortable and relaxed. After the first session I was a non smoker it was brilliant and so easy. I had no cravings at all. Five years on I am still free of smoke. I have never looked back. I would throughly recommend Cindy if you are thinking of quitting smoking.

Kirsty Hurrell

Life/work balance – Family Business

I have known Cindy for some 20 years or so. During that time I have started up a family business which has been and is still very successful. As all businesses do there have been crisis points in which I needed support outside the normal business advisers. The fact that many family members (brothers, wife, son and daughter) have been involved in the business brings its own special demands.
Part of my work has been profiling and analysing people’s styles and relationships with others. I recognise in myself a tendency to hold emotion in and to avoid direct conflict especially when it involves sensitive issues with close friends and family. Needless to say stress has been a frequent companion.
Cindy has provided me with an independent sounding board and listening ear. She is definitely classed as a friend while we both maintain a professional distance. She has given me a perspective outside the business/family environment. She has helped me to control my emotions when appropriate (also to let them go sometimes) , to seek clarity in my objectives, to analyse and plan, given me hope where there seemed none.
In her company I relax and feel completely comfortable with discussing with her very personal sensitive issues, she doesn’t push hard, but knows when to look in and when to return later without missing the point. She assisted me in enhancing my failing relationship with a key family member who was central to the business and allowing me to air and share my views with him, to see each others perspectives and to develop strategies for a positive , effective relationship which was reflected by great improvements in the efficiency and profitability of the business.
In addition a visit to Cindy offers a breath of fresh air. It puts life’s experiences in perspective, offering the opportunity to get out of the box of work, family, responsibilities etc. She encourages a balanced approach to work/personal/leisure helping me to establish goals in MY life….even looking at health, fitness and personal interests issues as I move into partial retirement.
Words I associate with Cindy re business and personal counselling
Personal commitment, hope, direction, understanding, solutions, confidante, determined, caring,
worldly, non judgemental, relaxed, improvement, humour, achieving change, perceptive, professional, feeling more relaxed and effective, a better life.
Martin – Business Owner

Salt Addiction

It is some years ago that I made an appointment to see you Cindy.

I remember I found meeting you very pleasant and relaxing- your lovely soothing voice.

The reason for my visit was an addiction to rock salt, I had always enjoyed salt as a flavour enhancer, at that time I had noticed , when ever I felt stressed, distressed, excited , or joyful, I would reach for the canister of salt and shake a teaspoon or so of crystals in to the palm of my hand, with the index finger of the other hand, I would lick the finger then dip it in the salt and eat it, it seemed to release endorphins, at the same time, I knew it was an odd habit and could harm my health. I was eating up to eight teaspoons of salt day.

I don’t remember much about the session with you now, however  I do recall very strongly that I came out of the practice very relaxed, calm, uplifted, now I had some mundane shopping to do in the town, so did that in the normal manner, was absorbed in shopping. About 2 hours later got on the bus to go home, almost having ‘forgotten’ about the session .
During the journey home, I had a strong taste of salt in my mouth, I felt almost an irrigation of all the rock salt accumulating on my tongue, I was dribbling in to a tissue a bit and longing to rinse my mouth with water!

When I got home I rinsed my mouth and cleaned my teeth, threw out the rock salt – have not bought any more. I still prefer savoury/ salt type tastes, now I flavour food with fennel or aniseed in the usual manner.
Thank you for this help.

Kathleen Stebbings

On going support

“Moving from country to country is quite normal in my line of work. However, one should not underestimate the impact this has on oneself and one’s family. As I progressed through the corporate ladder, I have found the need to seek counselling and assistance in managing the ever increasing stresses of higher workloads and managing larger teams, both physically and mentally. Also, finding the right work-life balance is never easy, with everyone seemingly demanding equal time and attention. Through Cindy’s work, I have been able to find a better personal harmony in achieving this balance, although it is by no means perfect and situations keep on changing. For this reason, I do intend to continue my development with Cindy, as she is someone I trust, respect and has a proven track record with yours truly.

Nicholas M.J. Kauffman – Project Director

Haunted by low frequency noise

” For years I had been tortured by being able to hear low frequency noises. I could not block it out and had to sleep using a masker of white noise and turn the radio on quite loud. It was very depressing. Very quickly Cindy’s treatments made significant improvement. I am able to sleep without any aids or the radio and am no longer bothered by noises around me. On the first session quite unexpectedly I was able to let go of grief I had been carrying for years. I feel so much better about everything. What’s even nicer is somehow this feeling of wellbeing has even spilled over to my husband. It’s been quite wonderful”


Self Awareness

I just wanted to say thank you so much for the advice and support you gave me over the past few months. Your non-judgemental approach was exactly what I needed to help me understand my anxieties, and to learn how to put those aside, or into perspective when that’s more appropriate.

You helped me find insight into why I behave and react the way I do, which has allowed me to change some negative behaviours. You’ve made me realise that being me is fine, and that feeling different from other people (or my perception of other people) can be a positive thing.

You helped me to see that it’s fine to be happiest in my own company when my desire for solitude is driven by wanting time with my own thoughts and activities rather than being afraid of other people, and now I’m learning to know which of those is leading me in a particular moment and to make the right choice. I’m still learning to be less judgemental!
Thank you again Cindy.

Life Coaching/Personal Development

Pregnancy Support

Cindy is remarkable. I saw her while pregnant with my second child due to having a long hard labour with my first which after 5 days ended up in an emergency c-section. Nearing my due date I started feeling very anxious and fearful that the same would happen when all I wanted was a more positive natural experience. I had 3 sessions in total with Cindy, she made me feel very comfortable, we discussed my concerns and I found the hypnotherapy very relaxing. And guess what….it worked. 3 hours from start to finish with no pain relief and delivered totally natural. I couldn’t have asked for better results. Don’t hesitant with booking, make your life better!

Gemma Mc Alister

Personal Growth

Just a brief note to thank you for your invaluable help and instruction over the past months.
During your personal development classes I took on board various concepts including positive thinking, stress management, confidence, focus and expectations of others. This new self- awareness I experienced helped to highlight areas of myself that I felt needed further work on a one-to-one basis with yourself.
The result of all our labours is I feel much more empowered and able to communicate with others both in business and socially, a fact that has been commented on by my colleagues, friend and family.
I would unreservedly recommend your courses to anyone who wishes to deal with life in a more effective and productive way.

Yours Sincerely,
Charles Wilson – Financial Director
EMM Business Training

Fear of Heights and Flying

from Colorado
Hi, it’s wonderful.It’s beautiful. Just like you said. And “I made it”.
Many thanks.
Best wishes,

from Rocky Mountains, Colorado
Dear Cindy,
Treatment worked! Thank you. I have flown in a helicopter, walked on the glass wall walk at the Grand Canyon, added a flight to LA. and lived for the moment!

Many thanks, Carol

Work/Life Balance

I have worked with Cindy on several occasions over the past 15 years, most recently over a number of weeks to explore the complexity of resolving life/work/relationship tensions.I work as a charter pilot, with rather erratic schedules, which wrench chunks of time away at short notice. I was becoming increasingly unhappy with this, and my resulting inability to have any sense of balance in my life, or any focus on what was important to me.

Over a period of weeks, the safe, relaxed atmosphere that Cindy created allowed me to explore how to resolve these issues, and her insightful guidance was instrumental in me feeling able to change the set patterns that I had fallen into.

I was very grateful for the experience, help and candour she offered over that period.

Vic Long


On Spiders

I went to see Cindy to help me with my fear of spiders which I’ve had for years but which go worst last year. I would feel anxious walking outside anywhere – scanning for webs, feeling jumpy, goosepimply….if I saw a spider I’d feel sick,disgusted, frightened. It really started to interfere with my life – so I decided to do something about it.

I kept an open mind about Hypnotherapy, although I was intrigued about ‘being in someone else’s control’. As it turned out, I was not in Cindy’s control – I was deeply relaxed but aware (in control) all the time. It is hard to describe how it feels until you have it happen to you. To me, its about your own mind and imagination – with Cindy as a guide. Its also about realistic goals – I don’t think I’ll ever like spiders, I just want to see them in a neutral way. Also, its natural to be startled if a spider runs over my leg ( it has happened) – but now I don’t panic, cry and spiral into scary thoughts. I definitely feel more relaxed in general and don’t scan the streets for webs – the other day I found myself thinking of a spider as cute!! Hypnotherapy feels unexplainable, but it worked for me. Thank you Cindy.


Personal Development Course

I found this introductory course intriguing to say to least and it left me very keen to find out more!
I am looking forward to developing self awareness into how my mind works, and delving into and developing spiritually as a person.

Steph McMahon
Authentic Training

Stress Maintenance

I see Cindy once a month for managing my stress levels. I feel like a mobile phone whose batteries are low, hypnotherapy reenergises me and relaxes me. When I leave I feel I am fully charged. I highly recommended it!


Regaining Confidence

In 1999 I had a bad accident while Speedway Racing. The shock of it kept playing on my mind affecting my performance. It got so bad I had to retire from a very promising career. After seeing Cindy I was able to let go of this deep fear and haven’t thought of the accident sense. Within a few sessions my confidence returned and I am back on the track again having resumed my career. I also feel more confidant in a number of other areas in my life.

Life Coaching/Personal Development


“I felt so much better after the first session and have continued to do so. I realise now that part of my improvement was getting used to feeling good and feeling relaxed. I used to think I would relax by watching telly. It was only after being hypnotised that I realised what being relaxed really feels like. At first I felt ashamed coming to see Cindy and kept my visits secret. Not anymore. I feel so good and want others to know they can to. I recommend it!”


Weight Loss

Before I came, I was constantly thinking of food, eating what I knew I shouldn’t be eating, particularly sweet things. I was over weight, down in the dumps, tired and lethargic. Now I feel a lot happier and brighter. I seem to have a lot more energy but more importantly I don’t feel hungry or feel the need to over eat and am no longer thinking about food all the time. I am loosing weight!

Lighter Brighter You! Authentic Training