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An introduction to Life Coaching

We are all the same.

Just as you find yourself stuck, frustrated, confused, fearful, lacklustre so have I. Unable to move forward because of lack of confidence, low self esteem, uncertainty, yes I’ve been there too. Whatever the struggle now, whatever confusion, it is not the destination, but the beginning of the journey.

Life Coaching is all about Personal Development. All about discovery. Finding the You of you.

The good news is it doesn’t have to be difficult. Staying stuck, disappointed in self, giving up on yourself is what makes life frustratingly tough.

My Job as a life coach is to help initiate positive change. Let of the habits which hold you back. Bring you more forward into life so that you are not living on the sidelines. In short -

Shifting perspectives I sow the seeds for Transformation. I have the tools for the job, the experience and the core belief: we all are of value. All have something to offer. All worthy.

You may be looking to change a few habits which no longer suit: wanting to improve wellbeing. Wanting to find peace within. Perhaps tired of struggling with lack of love, poor relationships or disappointing career prospects.

Whatever it is. Wherever you are. You are in the beginning and in the right place. As it is when we tire of the struggle, knowing or wanting to believe that there is more we open to change.

I am here for you, helping make those positive changes. Giving you - You. More energy, deeper understanding, empowerment, and most important? A healthier relationship with yourself.

I am waiting, connect with me now and let journey begin.

If you are looking for a life Coach in Norwich, Norfolk please get in touch via my contact form.



Yes but so much more. As I am very proactive I find joining the Life Coaching with Personal Development actually go hand in hand. Think of sorting out a wardrobe. In order to make space for the new - you inevitably need to let go of things. Somethings you maybe emotionally attached to but no longer serve you. Other items you have forgotten you even had and upon discovery may want to wear them again or let them go. As your Coach I am helping you sort out you - what you no longer want, what you struggle with but as well, help you see more clearly what would suit you better. So yes there will be things to talk about, let go of in order to make room for the new.

St. Stephens Practice, 21a St. Stephens Road, Norwich NR1 3SP

Telephone for appt: 01603 300885 / 07901 655655

Email: [email protected]

Life coaching sessions are based in my practice in Norwich, Norfolk but sessions are also available remotely. These sessions work equally as well and can be done in the comfort of your own home. Sessions can be booked by visiting our on-line shop. Please remember to call me after booking your session to arrange a suitable date and time for our call.

I have this knack of seeing deeply into people. This is what makes me effective. Often we don’t know where we are going because we are focusing in the wrong direction or not even looking in the first place - believing in the I CAN’T rather than the I CAN. When you choose to work with me our objective is to get you moving in a productive, creative and positive way forward. I also believe deep down we do know what we really want to do. It maybe be buried in stuff that no longer serves but trust me - it is there. So yes, I believe I can help and have helped many before you.

Yes, always.

I’ve worked within the field of Personal Development for over 25 years. Lots of lives, lots of stories, lots of mind and lots of healing.

A listening ear, insight, experience, NLPmasters, Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching, Personal Development Training/workshops, Spiritual Awareness but most important? The sincere desire to help individuals grab hold of life  with positive perspective and increased self-awareness.

Yes it can be. I draw on all the tools I have in order to do what is best for my clients. I see clearly where energy is blocked and sometimes we need to talk, to plan and other times to go deeper and change what is blocking you on a deeper level. Hence the Hypnotherapy is invaluable for shifting outdated beliefs. But in saying that it is always in agreement with my client. If you do not want the Hypnotherapy - not an issue. We just approach the problem in another way.

I do work with children. Sadly I see a number of young children suffering anxiety, depression, low self-esteem and lack of confidence. Again I use what tools are needed at the appropriate level. I find children willing to change - their  energy not liking being blocked. As adults sometimes we can be a bit slower getting to the starting gate but it is the getting there that is important.

You can book online by clicking this link or you can call me personally with any queries. To book a face to face appointment please call 07901 655 655 or contact us here.