Personal Spiritual Transformation and Development
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Norwich Norfolk NR1 3SP
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How much better can you be?

If you want to shift negative habits, improve relationships with others as well, yourself, a team that needs a burst of fresh energy and tools to find ways of working more harmoniously; or if you are an Executive who needs to offload the stress and recharge; I am here to help.

With over 30 years in the Field of Personal Development, I understand the Mind.

Expertise includes: Personal Development Training, Hypnotherapy, NLP Masters, Life Coaching, and Counselling. With a flexible, creative mindset I am able to see the bigger picture, invaluable for shifting perspectives and practical problem solving. Clients comment on my soothing voice, perceptive insight and positive approach to inspiring Personal Growth. My popular weekly radio show has been on air for over 6 years. Listeners from around the world are loving the “Ask Cindy” section where we delve into the listeners’ problems and deep questions about the Mind.

Change the way you think and perspective shifts

When I work with you, we focus on motivating, inspiring and initiating change for improved health, confidence, self-esteem and wellbeing, as well as opening doorways to more creative and productive thought patterns.

I help individuals, executives and businesses to bring fresh energy, well-being and insight for a more positive, productive, harmonious life-style and work environment. 

You can work with me in a number of ways, including one to one coaching, Skype coaching, training (workshops or courses) business Seminars or my Executive Mind Management Programme (EMM) restoring [email protected].

Life has a way of shutting you out; I am here to help open the doors. Deadlines are not just a work issue, they are a life issue. So why waste time? Take action. Connect with me now.

Cindy Hurn


‘Listening to Cindy is like flipping on a switch. Suddenly, clearly you see not only where you are but as well - why you are. Change happens.’