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Restoring Balance

Struggling with sleep? Can’t relax? Health problems? Relationship issues?

Feeling stressed?

All simply signs that you've been surfing the adrenaline wave without a break for far too long.

Success requires single focus and dedication. Climbing the career ladder means keeping your eye on the ball. The higher you climb, the more attention required. But, what happens when that is all you keep your eye on? 

Drive and adrenaline are interconnected. 

 A directed mind thrives. But with increased responsibility and accountability comes greater expectation. Over-structured it looses flexibility becoming harder to think outside of the box. When overloaded stress undermines health. Relaxation seems unattainable and relationships suffer.

Executive Mind Management (EMM) helps with the pressure - freeing the mind. With better thought control, habitual patterns and emotional uncertainty flexibility is restored as creativity awakens. The in-house problem solver.

For those at the top EMM creates [email protected] By letting go of what’s not needed and with a fresh perspective balance is restored.The bonus? The creative connection is renewed giving valuable access to that ‘gut feeling’. Life can only get more interesting.

I offer a safe, confidential commitment for you to check in and have the time to really share what’s on your mind providing insights and ways forward so that you don’t loose yourself in the process of success. 

Let’s have that chat. Happy to offer a complimentary session. Discover the value of having a Confidante. With my perceptive insights and relaxing voice having space - just for you - is actually a a great plan for wellbeing and will prove a valued asset for greater productivity and success.

With Mind Management Tools and an inspiring delivery EMM also offers in-house training. Imagine a work force focused and relaxed. Bespoke seminars my speciality. Give me a call to discuss your needs.


It is not about need but more about opportunity. It is a stressed, overtaxed and isolated mindset that leads to poor judgement. As decision makers and influencers what can not be afforded is lack in clarity. A healthier mindset offers positive solutions and sustainable leadership. Our most effective communicators and visionaries are those that have discovered the value of personal growth and inner-wealth.

Each EMM session is a private and personal conversation timed to suit you. These take place when and where you feel is most appropriate - this could be Stephens Practice in Norwich, your place of work or by working with you over Skype.

Always and in all situations. 

To gain greatest benefit from support, insight and expertise it maybe that a pre-determined series of conversations would be appropriate. Why not relax knowing that you have the backing of EMM as and when you need it? Remember not only is it ‘good to talk’ but all problems shrink when viewed from a stress free mind. The imagination needs freedom of thought in order to draw from your creative source. Viewing things from an energetic perspective is how you can help yourself. When you can see why something falters because of the energetics it is so much easier to find the solution. Having access to EMM support is like having a direct line to better mental health, deeper connection to how you work and better accessibility to your innate strengths. A high performance mind often stays guarded. The [email protected] package is the oasis in the desert, providing the energy supply point on the demanding and lonely management trek.

****The added bonus of taking the opportunity of the [email protected] package is having access to a highly creative, intuitive and insightful mind. With Cindy’s innate ability to see and explain the energetic pattern of any issue whether personal or business, business just got that much more interesting.

EMM is not an “it”. EMM is - you helping you - gain better Mind Management, tapping into Emotional and Spiritual Intelligence for renewed energy, vitality and enthusiasm. When focus lies solely on the path forward, demanding high levels of performance it is all too easy to suffer lack lustre, becoming old before our time. After many interactions with senior executives, I am able to offer the skill, knowledge, experience as a catalyst for Personal Development. How can it not work? As you reconnect to your inner strength the by-product is a natural momentum towards wellbeing and greater understanding. EMM works because it reminds you of what you already know but with attention demanded elsewhere you just forgot. It is in that remembering that life does indeed become richer.

Think of me more as a confidante providing a safe place to drop the weight of responsibility and let go of that fixed facade so necessary to secure your [email protected] I work with habitual patterns, providing insight and tools to improve energy levels. When energy flows vitality improves. When we have more energy, life is that much easier. 

I am a Transformational Coach. Not here to study your work performance but to encourage you to step away from performing. My intuitive depth, wisdom, experience and sincerity invites you to check into yourself. By letting go of stress the bigger picture is seen making you more effective. EMM is a reminder of how wonderful a relaxed, healthy mind set. Awakening to the true value of this richness, I help to construct your personal [email protected] 

St. Stephens Practice, 21a St. Stephens Road, Norwich NR1 3SP

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Our sessions are also available remotely. These sessions work equally as well and can be done in the comfort of your own home. Sessions can be booked by visiting our on-line shop. Please remember to call me after booking your session to arrange a suitable date and time for our call.