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COVID19 – Surviving the Great Spin

I had a vision the other day.  Due to COVID19 I saw all of humanity caught in an intense spin cycle. Going round and round with no end insight. My vision explained the sadness I was feeling. I felt bereft. Having lost the patterns of the recent past and as yet could not grab hold what the future will be. Bouncing off the drum I yearned for the simplicity of what was. To be able to just do as I did. No need for social distancing, constant washing of hands, donning the mask, curtailing social interaction or  changing the way I work. Yes, I am tiring of COVID 19 and wish this cycle would stop.

With my vision came the insight of choice.

I could feed into my frustration and cause more discomfort. Or accept that for awhile the dust of this pandemic has yet to settle. So how do we best work within this whirlwind of uncertainty?

Surviving the Great Spin – Things to keep in mind

Remember it is not just about you. We are spinning. Which makes it difficult to know what is happening right around us. There will be times when frustration and confusion bubble to the surface. Rather than take it personally, recognise that COVID 19 is affecting all. Just as you may struggle with change, uncertainty, fear so too are others. Be kind to one another. 

What was, is no longer as it was. To stick your head in the sand is not going to work. The sand will just shift around your head. Roll with the punches. Ask yourself, “How can I best manage?” Taking a more active roll.

Humanity is going through a major shift. Not only is everything chopping and changing on a daily basis but there is also great change going on within us. And like the outside world we can only catch a glimpse. We do not know how COVID19 ultimately will affect both the world around and the world within.

Focus has shifted. Due to lock down, furlough, working from home, shielding, city streets empty. Activity ceases. For many work, socialising, activity distracts us from us. But suddenly, this spin cycle has turned a spotlight on the inside. Making the mind more active. Thoughts whirl, emotions rise and fall. This is also part of this great Awakening. Get to know yourself. Understand and discover the you of you.

We are more emotional. Remember that spotlight? Learn to manage feelings. For like waves on a beach they come in and go out. Their purpose like a barometer tells you what is happening around you. Rather than fuel them with our thoughts accept how you feel, learn from them and let them go. Just as I did by acknowledging the sadness of this situation.

Embrace change. What changes can you make within this greater change? Rather than fear the shifting tides take charge of what you can do. Being proactive helps offset the frustration of what you can’t do.

Reach out to others. Make an effort to connect. Through a letter, a phone-call, listening ear, a good deed, an offer of support. While social distancing closes door to the physical, reaching out to another opens the door of the Heart. A touched Heart bridges all separation.

Of one thing I am certain – everything changes. This reassures me that this cycle will stop. All will settle. In its’ process we may end up battered and a bit bruised. Needing to pick ourselves up and reclaim solid ground once again. Or like a rough gem stone bouncing about in its’ tumbler emerge devoid of our rough edges. Shining that bit brighter. Always the choice is up to us.