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Cages of the Mind


Let me tell you a story about a rabbit.

Always I’ve loved rabbits. Whenever I get one, out goes the cage and in-comes the house training. Years ago, I acquired Rose. A middle-aged huge white rabbit who had lived its entire life in a cage. So, being true to form, the first thing I did was put the cage in the back hall. Then lifting Rose gently out, placed her on the kitchen floor. Encouraging exploration and giving her free rein.

What did Rose do?Read More

The Energy of Easy vs Hard

Often in my work I hear “I could never do that. It’s way too hard.” “Is it easy?” “Why is it so hard?” Which prompts my question “Why do we shy away from what we think will be difficult?” 

What is the energy of Easy vs Hard? Let’s break it down.

As habitual beings, when we repeat an action enough times it eventually slips into the subconscious. Becoming routine we no longer having to think about what we are doing. We just do it. For example take learning how to drive. In the beginning very challenging. As any new skill requires our full attention. But then one day you find yourself driving and thinking about something totally different. Gone is the inner dialog, “Check the mirror.” “Shift. Shift now!!” “Give the bike a wide birth.” It’s become a habit. Becoming automatic the energy then changes from difficult too easy.Read More