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Welcome - You have found me. But have you found You?

Just as we have to learn how to get on with life, we also have to learn how to do life. Perspective is key.

I focus on what happens on the inside as how we think and feel overlays what happens around us. My work releases energy, vitality and creativity fuelling inspiration, a deeper connection with self and develops a flexible mindset. Invaluable tools for better life management.

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A Message From Cindy

Cindy Hurn

If I had a magic wand - what would you want, change, embrace, explore and become? What if my magic wand could only give you one thing - creative and productive energy. Would you go for it? Where would you go when you got it? The good news is we already have all we need - sometimes we forget, focus more on what we don’t need, get tied up with the little stuff - neglecting  the wonderment which lies within - Spirit. I do have a magic wand, no different than one we all have - ourselves.


Who is Cindy Hurn?

Awakening Spirit-Inspiring Change

Why Choose Cindy Hurn?

Intuitive Insight
Goes direct to the issue
Flexible Mindset
Shifts perspective
30 years experience
Awakens Spirit-Inspires Change
Common Sense Focus
Achieves Results
Eagle Perspective
Able to see the bigger picture
Strong Belief in Potential
How Much Better Can You Be?
‘Listening to Cindy is like flipping on a switch. Suddenly, clearly you see not only where you are but as well - why you are. Change happens.’

From My Perspective

With Life as my teacher I pay attention to the ‘everyday’ providing me with insight and understanding of innate knowledge. My blogs? No different than anyone else but perhaps what makes them so reflective is that I combine thought with heart. Some would say - I am a deep thinker. 

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