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Planting Time

Like an awakening bear, Spring has stirred me into action. With every season offering options, the energy of Spring is all about renewal and new growth. Gone is the introspection of winter, and now it’s time to turn the soil. Prepare the ground for the sowing of seeds. Yes! Time to shake off the dust of winter slumber and get into action.

I feel as the returning light sharpens my eyesight, I am in no doubt about the proper need for a spring-clean and garden tidy. As my training shoes patiently await, they too are eager to get going. Helping me shift excess poundage. Of which, the old soul-searching, slow metabolism of the passing season added to my waistline.

Ideas! Ideas and more! And like fresh, Spring rain, they sprinkle downwards, ready for planting. But guess what? Ideas also need grounding. Otherwise, they could stay in the richness of our imagination, where we can enjoy the visit or just forget them altogether.

With the change of birdsong, the energy of the Earth stirs as a timely reminder. Many ears of corn are birthed from a single seed, so now is the time to bring ideas into a more concrete form. Tending to the gardens of our minds, our imaginations.

Yes. As Spring energy taps on our soul, it also stirs the imagination. Just as the sap rises also does the drive to create. But let’s face it, we all need help. If left to our own devices and ignore this prompt to grow, there is a sad chance we would curl up inside. Go back into winter slumber, not listen to the call of potentiality.

So which ideas are ready for planting? What dreams or changes do you want? What needs fresh energy? What calls to you?

Start first with desire. Then prepare the soil. Get out there and get your hands dirty. Dreams require hard work. Write them down, create a vision board, make a plan. Actively germinate.

Then get on with the planting. Be attentive. Like seeds, neglected ideas will dissipate, be forgotten. Return back into a wish.

Commit. Tend your idea. And like the shoot of a single kernel, you too will produce so much more.

Wishing you a fertile Spring!

My warmest congratulations to Triangle Health Magazine for their 100th edition. Proof that with a single seed of an idea, the richness of a crop can happen.