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Pathway to your Authentic Self – Reclaiming You

Awakening to the Power Within

Imagine – You are on a path. It is dark and your only light is the lantern which you carry. It’s light is low. Unsure with each step you struggle, often stumbling or loosing your way. Misjudgment and uncertainty are your companions on this long journey. You travel this way for many miles and much time. Sometimes though, the dim light brightens and the path forward is lit clearly. Amazed at how far off the path you have fallen, the strength of sight leads you back to the path. The light has not only cleared your vision but as well lifted your spirits. In this lightness of being you are aware of so many changes you can make helping yourself on your journey. You feel vibrant, uplifted, alive. Then a strange thing happens. Distracted you forget about the path, loosing sight, the light dims as your fear increases. Again, each step becomes a struggle as you walk, stumble and walk again.

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