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relationship coaching


Relationship Coaching

It's All About Energy

Everything is energy. So it makes sense when we struggle with a significant other - husband, wife, partner, family member, friend, work colleague that the communicative flow of energy is blocked. This usually happens when hurt, disappointed, confused, angry, judgemental, fearful - life and its challenges. The person we were once close to now feel distant.

Clients come to me seeking clarity wanting to close the gap of confusion and hurt.  Needing to understand what they have instead of focusing on what they don’t have. Wanting to find there way back to one another.

It is not their stories I am interested but more what is happening on a deeper level. What is going on with the energy patterns - the cause of the chasm in the first place. Stories come from fixed perspectives - he did this, she didn’t do this. When hurt, we get angry and when angry our perspective locks in as ‘we know we are right’ which makes the other person wrong.

Who's In The Wrong? 

Two people both right, two people both wrong. It is why using my intuitive depth I find looking at the disturbance in the energy flow - patterns of behaviour, past conditionings, communication issues is much more effective. We move away from the blame game and embrace awareness seeing the bigger picture rather than just the narrowness of perspective.

If you are struggling and seek to get back on track - get in touch. I take away the pain and open awareness. Like a light going on - personal growth and self-understanding takes hold. No longer struggling in the dark.

The good news? It is not painful either. Separation creates pain, coming back together just feels so much better.

If you are looking for Relationship Counselling in Norwich please get in touch via my contact form.


Relational coaching is effective for any issue between one individual and another. Remember fixed thinking about what another keeps the energy stagnant. Like a blocked well, what once held nourishment now lies stagnant. Energy must move otherwise it becomes further contaminated.

What ever is needed and agreed upon. My key tool is my ability to see clearly what lies below the story opening the communication block to free deeper perspective and clarity.

St. Stephens Practice, 21a St. Stephens Road, Norwich NR1 3SP

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Relationship Counselling sessions are based in my practice in Norwich, Norfolk but sessions are also available remotely. These sessions work equally as well and can be done in the comfort of your own home. Sessions can be booked by visiting our on-line shop. Please remember to call me after booking your session to arrange a suitable date and time for our call.

How long is a ball of string? But what I have found through experience and a flexible mindset as in all I do I am very effective and change happens quickly. Even at the end of the first session the majority of my clients leave with clarity and feel more relaxed. Looking at the pattern below is much more comfortable than keeping the fight up. In saying that you will have the time needed.

At some point certainly but I often see clients individually then together. Then as couple. It chops and changes according to the need. Because my work is based on developing personal awareness often individuals may want the space to gain more understanding about their issues. Or you can choose to just work together and not see me separately. For I believe that the part of you which wants healing knows what is best.

Again depends on the need. We may start out with an hours session but I do find often clients are keen to carry on. Seeing me is not like pulling teeth. It feels good and so much better than what you walked in with. The story dissolves and the energy starts to shift. Moving energy is healthy energy.

As mentioned previously, more relaxed and clarity. It is not uncommon for my couples to hug, hold hands, regaining appreciating.

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