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7 ways to Live Your Best Life

An old college friend sent me a message which really got me thinking. She wrote “I hope you are living your best life.” Struck by her thoughtfulness this question stayed in in my mind stirring deep reflections.

Live your best life, what does that mean? How do we do that? Is it about accomplishments, success and security in the world? Or much more on a personal level? What does it mean to me? Was I living my best life when I neglected to drink the water I know I need? How much of living my best life is dependant on the choices I make? After musing for a few days I came up with a list.

 7 Ways to Live my Best Life –

  1. To value my inner directive –The wisdom of the deeper self whispers in our ears, wanting the best for us. Like me with the water. Whether we choose to listen or not always we have support.
  1. Look after myself.- What I choose today reflects further down the line. Maintaining good health is essential to well-being.
  1. Let go of what doesn’t serve me – Regrets, resentments, negative thinking, worrying. There is no point in feeding discomfort.
  1. Continue to grow and refine – We all have great potential. Remain open to personal growth and positive change.
  1. Honour myself and others – Sounds a simple enough thing to do but often we get it wrong.
  1. Be kind – That says it all. 
  1. Leave behind a good trail – Are we leaving a few sparkles laced within our thought, word, and deed so others benefit? Legacy as I talked about in other blogs (  ) is not so much about material gain but more about the energy of you. Your quality of influence – your sparkles.

Life reflects choices. Asking yourself the question “How can I live my best life?” or “Does this contribute or take away?” is certainly worth the thought. The answers are there, all you have to do ‘listen’. Choose well and it is my hope, like my old friend, that you do indeed, live your best life.