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A Path Well Taken

Thinking about my Mom on her 93rd Birthday. She’s really well. No aches or pains. Her short term memory well.. is short. But the good thing is she’s not bothered about it. In fact, a few years ago becoming more aware memory was becoming difficult to hold on to I recall her saying “It’s ok. I only remember the good things.” It is that accepting positive attitude towards the ageing process which cushions her from limitations. In all fairness, although getting weaker and needing a wheelchair when we go out – she still pulls herself up into the front seat of my brother’s truck or insists of climbing into the backseat of my sister’s two door car (as well, getting out again. Not even easy for me.)

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Earth Connection – Where Art Though?

Jet-lag for me is a killer. I am ok going from east to west but the return leaves me with my body present but no mind. Seriously. It is as though the mind takes a more scenic route and finally arrives a good few weeks later.

Until then?

Consequential brain fog. No short term memory. Walking into walls which are not there or going to step down when there is not a step to be taken. No balance, nauseous, headaches, totally out of sorts, no patience, short fuse, lost in the atmosphere. It’s a serious problem and a challenge for me. Not the sleep bit. I do all the adjusting to time zones and light but there is just nobody home – in me.

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