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A Path Well Taken

Thinking about my Mom on her 93rd Birthday. She’s really well. No aches or pains. Her short term memory well.. is short. But the good thing is she’s not bothered about it. In fact, a few years ago becoming more aware memory was becoming difficult to hold on to I recall her saying “It’s ok. I only remember the good things.” It is that accepting positive attitude towards the ageing process which cushions her from limitations. In all fairness, although getting weaker and needing a wheelchair when we go out – she still pulls herself up into the front seat of my brother’s truck or insists of climbing into the backseat of my sister’s two door car (as well, getting out again. Not even easy for me.)

But what my Mom is more than anything is – is she is in a state of Gratitude. Always appreciate of what is, very happy, quick witted and willing to keep going. Most definitely an inspiration for her five children.

This Birthday reflection set me to thinking about the ageing process. Do we embrace and accept and keep going or do we dread it? Are we in denial? As a Transformational Coach I witness time and time again the importance of a willingness to change and grow. Attitude plays a huge part in Life experience. Why? Because it is the driver behind not only what we do but as well, our slant on perspective. Attitude carries with it energy to go towards living or to pull away.

Change is natural. We only have to look at nature and see that that is the given. We too are nature and therefor change is and will happen whether or not we step more into the drivers seat. Each time we step out of negative patterns and embrace the needed shift in awareness there is a burst of energy. Think about a fire on a low ebb just barely burning and then the burst of flames when it is fed. That’s very similar to our Spirit. We can live on just embers – feeding only what is needed or we can choose to burn bright.

Ultimately, it is all about choice. Same goes with the ageing process.

I see people around me that even in their 50’s decide they are ‘too old’ to do things. Make changes. Embrace newness. Negating life shuts the door on life force. Refusing to step out of habitual patterns the dust soon settles upon us. As we start to shut down, retreat and accept limitation it is fear which is fed. ‘I CAN’ shifts into ‘I CAN’T’ putting limitation on what is possible. In short – we are saying ‘NO’. Like kicking dirt into the fire our Spirit dims as the fire diminishes.

Like wise, I have witnessed others in their late 80’s still actively feeding the fire in their belly. Open to new experiences they continue to push boundaries, embrace the new, fuelled by creativity they believe in possibility. Saying ‘YES’ they say “Why not?” “I’ll have a go?” “I’d love to” and they do. Strengthening the energy of potentiality.

Two paths each fuelled by distinctive attitudes with very different outcomes. And the choice always ours to make.

And while you mull over that, why not take another page out of my mother’s ‘how to’ book on life for she lives in gratitude. Always thankful and appreciative, her focus is on the ‘what is’ rather than the ‘what is no longer’.

As we step into the energy of gratitude the beauty of our hearts are felt. So I have to ask “Why would we not choose to burn brightly, fuelling the fire, the energy of Spirit, and walk the creative path?” After all, as long as we continue to breathe that fire still burns. Let us not neglect to nurture and feed the flames of you. For it is the true path to richness.