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Earth Connection – Where Art Though?

Jet-lag for me is a killer. I am ok going from east to west but the return leaves me with my body present but no mind. Seriously. It is as though the mind takes a more scenic route and finally arrives a good few weeks later.

Until then?

Consequential brain fog. No short term memory. Walking into walls which are not there or going to step down when there is not a step to be taken. No balance, nauseous, headaches, totally out of sorts, no patience, short fuse, lost in the atmosphere. It’s a serious problem and a challenge for me. Not the sleep bit. I do all the adjusting to time zones and light but there is just nobody home – in me.

And I miss me. So miss me.

Then anywhere from 2 weeks – 3 weeks suddenly I return to myself. I feel alive, vibrant, present. The mind has clicked into gear and my life resumes. You can hear it in my voice – from flat, uncertain, unable to connect suddenly inspired. The richness of my soul returned.

It happened the other day in my garden and the impact of the awareness of the ‘why’ hit me with such clarity and insight in that moment my life changed forever. (Yes, it was one of those moments.)

Here goes.

Checking on my flowers – trying to see through the fog and comprehend a conversation I was having with my husband all of a sudden I was over-whelmed with a surge of gratitude. The fog cleared. The mind clicked in. Drive and ambition picked up where it left off. Suddenly I knew what to do next. I felt joyous. Absolutely joyous. A shift not lost on my husband.

So what is the secret of a safe return? What happened in that moment going from no energy to a full on power surge?

I fell in love with life. And that is it in a nutshell. With the light of clarity I realised something so powerful about myself – which explains all aspects of me.

In the moment I stepped into gratitude I connected back into my heart. The me I was missing was the energy of the Heart. Then came the next bit – which I never before knew but explains me to a tee – I think with my heart.

I think with my heart.

It explains so much. Why I can do what I do. There is a wisdom greater than ourselves which lie within all of us. When the Heart is open you drop down a gear and trust. Tapping into a greater perspective fear diminishes . What-ever work I am doing whether the radio show, working with clients, writing all communication comes from my heart.

Honestly, makes my life so much easier. Of course there are things I struggle with – can’t memorise for the life of me, retain knowledge but I feel knowledge. Therefor can understand things I never studied.

Some insights do indeed move mountains and this is one of them. No it doesn’t answer the question of how to travel without the disruption of the disconnect jet-lag gives me but it does prompt ‘food for thought’ about the Heart Connection and the deep brain within. Fodder for another blog.

For now? It’s just so good to be back.