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The Energy of Easy vs Hard

Often in my work I hear “I could never do that. It’s way too hard.” “Is it easy?” “Why is it so hard?” Which prompts my question “Why do we shy away from what we think will be difficult?” 

What is the energy of Easy vs Hard? Let’s break it down.

As habitual beings, when we repeat an action enough times it eventually slips into the subconscious. Becoming routine we no longer having to think about what we are doing. We just do it. For example take learning how to drive. In the beginning very challenging. As any new skill requires our full attention. But then one day you find yourself driving and thinking about something totally different. Gone is the inner dialog, “Check the mirror.” “Shift. Shift now!!” “Give the bike a wide birth.” It’s become a habit. Becoming automatic the energy then changes from difficult too easy.

And that’s the key. The difference between Easy and Hard.

While the first requires little effort and thought, the latter demands a great deal. But as well an effort which gives reward. As once you learn something it also becomes more comfortable. Therefor becoming part of your comfort-zone. For we all live in one. It’s the familiar which offers little challenge. Why? Because we know how and what to do.

But life is not that simple. Within all the creative process is the energy of discomfort. Requiring us to step up and move through it. The creative process is naturally a big part of change. Like the lobster growing out of one shell to another Nature demands we change. That then begs the question –

Why do we fear change? Is that why we find it so hard? The underlying fear of leaving our comfort Zone?

While Easy supports comfort, Hard promotes discomfort in order we expand into new avenues of thought and action. In order to grow.

Imagine planting a seed. There it lies snuggled up underground. No effort required as it just lays protected by the Earth above. But then something within starts to stir. It begins the growing process. Both growing down into the Earth and reaching upwards to the surface requires huge effort. One can only imagine the amount of pressure it is under to break free from its comfy underground chamber. But it soldiers forth. Why?

As like yourself, growth is part of its natural process.

Now imagine when it breaks the surface. Wow!! Light, space, expansion. The growing process eases as It reaches for the light.

It’s exactly the same with us. We too have to leave our comfort zone. Could you imagine a seed looking up at the journey above and below and saying “That’s way too hard.  I can’t do it.” What would happen?

When we pull away from what we think to be difficult we stop change. Stop growth. Which goes against Nature and results in discomfort. Yep. By pushing away change we bring tension into our nice snuggly nest. Why? As creative energy there is a innate need to expand. But when the mind says no it like trying to reign in power of 10 horses. Bit by bit by keeping everything the same we invite in the energy of inner struggle. Suddenly finding our comfort zone no longer so comfortable.

I get it. The unknown requires effort often laced with anxiety. (After all you are all venturing out of what you know – your comfort zone.) But think of the expansion it offers as your reward for perseverance. Not only will one day it makes sense, becoming easy. But like our seed friend your effort  produces further fruit for your labor. And that comfort Zone? It too will change. Expanding as you do, giving more confidence to make yet another change.

The energy of Easy vs Hard is a two sided coin. You can’t have one without the other. And the coin? Personal growth and awareness. An effort, well worth the struggle.