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Sitting in our Slivers

Recently I reread a diary by my 14-year-old mind. Then it all seemed so simple. To me animals were more sussed than humans relying on instinct not reason. Concerned clearly with survival they do what is necessary. While people tend to see survival through obtaining and holding power, animals instinctively fit within their environment dependant on inner drives. We however, see the world around us as something we can have, own, manipulate. Not something to share and nurture.

When I was 14 I was totally perplexed at the cruelty of man. Now looking back from my many decades older mind, I still share that inability to fathom why we do the things we do to be seen as bigger than we are. Whether a neighbour disagreement or religious battle it seems that we have become locked into believing that our perspective is the truth.

But is it?

Perspective only stays the same it we do not move. Imagine taking each person in the world and sit them shoulder to shoulder in a very large circle. In the centre of this circle is a shape which constantly changes size, texture, colour. Life is that shape. So doesn’t it just make sense that depending of where you sit in the circle is how you view life? In other words, understanding life comes only through perspective. But, if we picked up our chairs and moved around the circle we’d change our view. Seeing life in a totally new light, perspective broadens.

This is where all problems lie. When in conflict we stay firm believing we are ‘right’. Which we are but only when viewed from the tiny sliver we sit firm in. But if every perspective is valid (As it is. Remember we all view life from our tiny sliver.) than how can that be? How can we be right and everyone else wrong? Fixed perspectives limit greater understanding. But when willing to pick up our chair and  look through the eyes of another not only do we gain understanding through a different view, improve communication, but as well, the willingness to see a bigger picture creates a flexibility within. Isolation lessens and a stronger connection to the greater whole felt.

Survival is not just about us. We are interdependent on all things. When we close down the greater perspective and hang tight to our sliver of the circle we separate, believing we are right. But to be right – there needs to be a wrong. This lack of empathy creates limited black and white thinking.

In my innocent young mind it all seemed simple. One day man would destroy one another but nature would survive, it would reclaim itself and move forward. Nature holds the greater perspective always. It’s adaptability and flexibility creates sustainability even though in our narrow right-minded way we happily ignore destruction for power we desperately seek.

In my older mind I know we too are nature and yes within us all is the instinct to survive within a frame-work of interconnectedness. But I also know that this knowledge can easily go unhindered if we continue to rule through reason without balance of heart. The heart reminds us that we all sit in the circle, all perspectives are valid and invites a willingness to open to another’s view. For it is by sharing views we value positive communication and find sustainable solutions.

I guess as a child I worried but as an adult I have faith that nature, which includes us all, will always survive. Maybe through turning down the volume of the ME button and developing a curiosity to pick up our chairs and transverse the circle to see through the eyes of another, our blinders will fall as we open to the simple fact that all share the circle and are key to it’s continuance.

Cindy Hurn’s mission is all about Personal Discovery and Mind-Flexibility. For it is through our minds we travel into deeper understandings and awareness, expanding consciousness and opening perspective. In order to find what lies below we first need to shift limiting belief systems and open the door to a more positive you. Cindy opens doors.

Whether feeling in stuck in yourself and life, disappointed with the path you are taking or wanting to claim more of who you are Cindy provides the insight, tools, knowledge and experience to personal enrichment. Join Cindy on ‘The Awakened Path’ and pick up your chair to learn through the eyes of another.

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