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Wisdom of the Rudder

When asked, “What brought you to England?”

“A thought.’” is always my reply.

It happened one morning, 27 years ago. Without any previous contemplation and totally out of the blue I heard, “Move to England.” Delivered like a prismatic lightning flash and with a crystal-clear voice that directive ended up changing my life forever. At the time, I was the last person one would expect to make such a dramatic move. Having never traveled nor with any wish to, I felt quite content in my life, good friends, close family, creative job, 2 lovely cats and a beautiful flat.

I remember the shock of my Dad later that afternoon when he asked “What’s new?”

“I am moving to England.”

“What? Why?”

“I don’t know why. I know I just am.” My voice was calm with acceptance which was to set into motions one of the biggest transitions in my life.

The rest as they say is history. My present life reflects all the changes which followed because I trusted that simple and clear prompt. Always an Intuitive, it was quite common for me to hear, feel or sense the directions of my inner sat nav, my intuition. So, really it was not a total surprise for those I loved as they waved goodbye and watched me struggle with my huge trunk full of belongings.

Looking back now, from here to there, if I hadn’t taken that leap into the unknown, I can see so much of myself would never have unfolded. Sure, other events would have taken place and of course I will never know what would have happened if I chose to stay on that path and where it would lead. What I do know, is I am so thankful for that trust. Smiling, I realize now it never even entered my mind to question or ask why.

Trusting the sat nav of your soul as well as helping you to see what is around the corner, clarifying decisions it also makes our minds much more flexible. Not only are we able to see the bigger picture but are also more comfortable with stepping out of the natural order of things. Thinking out of the box.

When first married we lived in a very small flat. At the time I was looking for a studio to set up my fashion design business. One afternoon a large truck pulled up and amazing my husband, all sorts of counters, clothing rails, light fittings, shelves etc. piled up high on our lawn. Wondering my reason for buying the entire contents of a shop-fitting close out and where on earth was it all going to fit, he knew enough to trust me when I calmly said, “It just makes sense that if we have the inside, the outside will be soon to follow.”

Dutifully he helped to drag it all in. It was a tight fit. In order to get the free-standing counters off the lawn and in the dry we ended up throwing out our bed and sleeping on top of them. But not for long, as my knowing proved right. Soon the most lovely studio came my way. When it did all that stuff dumped unceremoniously on the lawn, fit absolutely perfectly, making the idea workroom. I was in business. Trusting your intuition leads you to another way of thinking, one which proves itself time and time again.

When we awaken our intuition or awaken to our intuition we access a more creative mind. Like diving into a pool of great depth we discover there is so much more and through  this inner-connection we awaken more into ourselves and ultimately the world around us. Strengthening the intuitive connection is like putting a rudder on a boat. By very little effort on the surface we can change directions or hold better the direction in which we move.

Our intuition, our  sixth sense is exactly that. Like the other five it is there to serve. But unlike the others it’s a bit shy, speaking softly it can easily be pushed into the background and forgotten. Always it guides but seldom do we listen. This rather forgotten or undervalued part of ourselves – just makes sense. Not necessarily logically but fueled by emotional intelligence this inner support system is truly amazing. The more we learn to trust and pay attention, out of the wings it flies, taking center stage in our life. Reflecting on it’s prompting and insights life certainly becomes more interesting as we let it do the job it was born to do. Guide us.

I can’t imagine my life without this inner directive and indeed richness. Not only does it guide but as well teaches. Affording me a depth of perception that helps me to see the bigger picture in whatever the situation.

27 years ago it was a thought that changed the tides of my life but it did not stop there. Indeed because of this leap, totally into the unknown, so much has become known and always I will have one hand on that rudder as often it senses before I can see where I am going. So, it is not my hand that turns the rudder but the wisdom of the rudder that moves my hand.

To launch an exciting Autumn Program of Personal/Spiritual Transformational Workshops Cindy offers ‘Awakening Intuition’. An inspiring 2 day workshop reminding us of this amazing inner-support system. Cindy invites us to take the deeper dive and learn to trust the soft, still voice of perception. Intuition senses the best way forward and as we awaken to better communication with this sat nav of our soul – life does indeed gather richness. This course will change your life.

Held in Norwich and running the weekend of Oct.15th & 16th ‘Awakening Intuition’ has limited availability. If  feeling a pull or prompt I would suggest you book early as in this instance I am only taking 10 students and already there are places booked. For further information and to register your place e-mail [email protected]

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