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The Guard at the Door

Many of the Western World know they have tipped the scales. Some just a pound or two while others a great deal more. Why do we find dieting so difficult and why does weight-loss return? Is it your body’s survival mechanism, fearing another drought grabs and stores fat in case of famine? Or it is all too easy to slip back to the familiar patterns which create excess? Perhaps, it is the strong body/mind connection in our subconscious needing that weight as it supports. I suspect all play a part in this frustrating script of shape-shifting.

Fat is stored energy. No matter how much we carry, or how it got there, as well as feeling uncomfortable, undermining our confidence, it has to also be serving us. This maybe hard to get your head around but as there is positive and negative in all things, all situations, there has to be a positive reason for re-gaining lost pounds as well for the lack of drive to shift the excess. Perhaps a protection, literally acting as a buffer from the outside world, comfort, a support, or a belief that this is who we are. When we strive for an energetic shift all parts of ourselves need to be on board, otherwise it becomes something “I should do.” The word ‘should’  creates a pressure and often to get away from pressure we give up and return to the ‘familiar norm.’

The holistic approach to wellness connects the mind with the body. What we think or feel registers in the physical and like-wise what happens to the physical effects within. We are biologically designed to survive, adapting when and if needed. This  internal scanner strives to keep us safe. It is like having an inner guard always on duty, your personal body-guard. His job is to ensure your belief patterns  stay intact, no matter how outdated.

Imagine the mind like a field with a path going across it. It makes sense that the more we take the path the easier to cross the field. To form any new pathway (creating change, new habits) it takes more effort. To trample down the grass we need to lift our legs that bit higher. Remember that part that wants to keep us safe? Our guard at the door? He doesn’t want things to change, always hanging on to established paths. He knows they work making his job easier. Familiarity feels comfortable, even when it is not. So, even if our behavior to the outside world seem contra-productive, there is a reason why we keep repeating the same thing.

Want to shape-shift? Work first within the mind and the rest is physics. If you take in more energy than you use, you will gain weight. Fat is stored energy. If you are over filling your storage facilities, suffering a lack of energy or drive and are ready to reclaim your energy, you need to speak to the guard at the door. As long as he knows you will be safe – I have no doubt he will agree to your plan. Energy used equals less in storage.

Join me on my fast paced, eye-opening 1 day workshop ‘Lighter Brighter You – Kick Start Weight-loss’. Discover the key and open the door to successful  shape-shifting. Re-program or reassure the guard at the door. When this belief  unlocks the need to refill the empty coffers is no longer. The body/mind are in agreement and a new path takes form.

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