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Listener: Where should we look for the answer?

Held within a deeper part of ourselves is the River of Wisdom. Always flowing, it holds answers, understandings, knowledge – a connection to all that there is. Standing on its bank is our inner wise-man or wise-woman. It is this Spiritual aspect of self that is able to see the bigger picture.

Whenever I struggle with the confusion of what is I ask my wise-woman for help and clarity. I trust the wisdom (which we all hold) will make it to the surface of my consciousness, broaden my awareness and shift my perspective. Already feeling lighter in my being and with a thank you, I leave it with her as that deeper more aware part starts to get to work.

Then it is up to me to pay attention to inner prompting. The “tap of my shoulder” could come in number of different ways. In an unexpected conversation I may hear the answer to my question or read the answer in a sign I suddenly notice. Perhaps feel stirred by a tv advert or “awoken” by a dream. Remember inner help is of Spiritual essence therefor subtle in it’s energy and prompting can happen in a variety of ways. For it is in that prompting that perspective broadens. The shift begins. But you have to pay attention. Not just think because you’ve done the asking it’s all up to our wise-person to sort it out. Getting the ‘sign” (however that maybe) is the beginning – not the end.

For it is then up to you to reflect or investigate further. Inner wisdom starts the ball rolling, the rocking of perspective. Upon reflecting and investigating a new view opens. The simple truth of the matter is when we struggle unable to find the answer to problems it’s indicative that the answer lies not within present perspective. The problem does but not the answer.

Shifting perspective finds answers. Awareness is all about flexibility of mind -developing the ability to see the bigger picture.

Feeling confused, uncertain? Needing to know the way forward? Remember ask first then be-aware as life just gets more interesting.