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Listener: What if we can’t get a picture out of our mind? How do we see inside our mind?

Two questions from one listener. In the first they struggle with the haunting of painful images and in the second want to see the beauty that lies within. Two questions from two perspectives.

So let’s start with the first. What if we can’t get a picture out of our mind?

Unable to forget, let go or move forward from a situation which haunts is indicative of an emotional intensity spike. Remember emotional energy fuels all things. Very useful when wanting something to manifest as that energy helps propel the desire into manifestation. But when emotions, feelings are not positive, causing despair, anxiety, anger (because the memory or situation has not yet healed) then these feelings like a hook get stuck feeding the mind-space, bringing it to the forefront. Demanding attention.

I think greatly under-estimated is the power of shock. Shock is a reaction to something throwing us off balance. It could be anything. An accident, argument, situation, realisation, loss. Remember, we are energy. In wellness we are in alignment with ourselves coming from core. When out of balance energy shifts. Askew insecurities intensify.

Think of the body as a container (which it is) holding the essence of our being. When in the flow of life, present, we are equally dispersed. Hence the term coming from the centre. But when we are not in such a good place we are off-centre. Feeling less effective it’s easy to end up believing we are less than who we truly are.

To free ourselves from uninvited images requires taking back control. Control comes when emotional intensity is dispersed weakening it’s hold. For example, when suffering from a great loss (or imagining it) the more we feed into the image – the more fixed it becomes.

In order to shift the power struggle the emotional hold needs weakening. Every situation is a learning one no matter how difficult or how far removed that seems. Either work at shifting your perspective and the learning and healing will move you forward. Or if not able at this time then simply decide not to give the image power. Each time you feel caught in it’s web – simply imagine you have a pair of scissors which you then use to cut it’s hold over you. Take the control, the power. Decide not to give it the time of day and put your attention on the Now – the beauty that is around you. Each time you take a stance not to hang in that loop the threads will weaken.

We have discussed how to shift uncomfortable images but how do we invite more depth? How do we see inside our mind? How do we become proactive rather re-active to the images of the mind? From the first question we are all too aware of how powerful the imagination. In answer to the second question the doorway to the inner world is through the strengthening that power. Two doorways one leads to discomfort the other to discovery both entered first through the imagination.

And therein lies the struggle.

One of the issues with present times is lack of creativity. We don’t exercise enough the imagination muscle in positive creative ways. (Yes, we’ll use it to feed fears.) So as a result, not unlike the physical the strength and ability of the imagination is compromised

When I mind travel into the minds of others I am accessing the door of the imagination. Which doesn’t mean I am making it up – I am seeing what is there through the strength of inner vision. The more you use your imagination in productive, creative way the more access to inner wealth.

If we hang out in fear, feeling negativity and anxiety our experience of the inner world will be limited. One of discomfort . Not unlike the physical – if we don’t care, take charge,  or exercise, muscles weaken. Mental Health is impaired as we accept limitation.

How to strengthen this powerhouse of the imagination? Improve mental fitness? Stop focussing on what we can’t do or wish we could do and get doing. Like the body – exercise is key to opening the door to the beauty which lies within.

Create. Create. Create.