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Courses and Workshops for Personal and Spiritual Transformation

Starting first with the mind, the Awakened Path opens the doors to perspective and invites self- awareness, changing both how you view yourself and the world. All courses/ workshops are designed to embrace self-understanding and Spiritual insight, strengthening accessibility into the landscape of the mind, inspiring self-knowledge and authenticity.

We all stand at different places on the path, so some may want to improve confidence and self-esteem or develop a more personal relationship with Spirit, while others seek to travel deeper into the mysteries of life. Cindy's knowledge, versatility and communicative flexibility enable her to teach on different levels, offering life enhancing, motivating workshops for Personal and Spiritual Transformation.

With her high Spiritual Intelligence and strong intuitive nature Cindy sees not only the bigger picture but as well into the depths of life. As a Spiritual Mentor, she inspires taking that deeper dive below the surface of everyday, to discover we are so much more.

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