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The Shifting of the Scales

Question: Why do you think people are so unsettled?

We live in a time when we’re loosing healthy balance. With too much emphasis on the material world (what we have, what we want, what we would like, how other people see us) the scales have shifted.

With technology making huge jumps it has taken centre stage and with it we’ve become far to surface. Both in thinking and and as well, doing. Every day social media grabs more minds into its web where (as my husband aptly described it) ‘surface to surface communication’ is applauded.

So, two things have really shifted –

1. material emphasis (I want, I want, I want it now)

2. communication (easier, faster but loosing it’s depth of thought)

I am not saying there is not wisdom available on line but that we are loosing the ability to concentrate and as well, to just be. We have stepped off the planet. Everything moving too fast. Much of it in our heads.

Not too long ago before technology advancement became the popular player, life would revolve around practicality. Without the resources we would have to make do, fix things, walk from a-b, communicate on a personal level and be more involved with local community.

Helping one another.

With world wide communication at our fingers-tips are we not loosing the connection to the practical world? If you imagine all aspects of life like the contents of a stew – we are focusing on just one part of the whole leaving the rest to spoil upon our plate.

Life is a smorasborg of experience with the key player felt through the heart. The more we hang out in our heads, the more we loose everyday balance. Too much energy in the mind department not only speeds it up, turns up the volume but as well, bit by bit closes down other departments which are essential to balance.

In a word – creating more stress which then just feels like normal. But is far from healthy. Stress promotes anxiety as that fight or flight syndrome scanning to protect itself will focus on any perceived threat. We become more negative as a result.

Everything is energy and if our energy is negative, frustrated or fearful it will unsettle, dragging us into the tide of despair.

On a more positive note, if you are feeling “unsettled” it is saying that something must change. It is energy needing to be moved. Embraced, used to create positive shifts.

To help that process – look right around you – just where you are now. Really see what is there and ask yourself “How can I make this better?” Maybe a room that needs painting, a weed that needs pulling, a conversation to be had or a child which needs hugging. When we use unsettled energy in a positive way we help to shift not only balance but as well, perspective. It is through a change of view answers will be found and Hope renewed.