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Cindy Hurn

The Cindy Hurn show

Click here to listen to my internet radio show, broadcast every Monday 7pm (GMT) radio or here to listen to the podcasts on iHeart Radio at any time.

Ever wonder what goes on in another's mind? Ever think about what goes on in yours? For most of us our minds only become apparent when they get too loud. Lots of internal chatter, anxiety feeding images or negating self-talk. Often the battle inside takes up far too much space leaving us low, exhausted, struggling to move forward. Other times our minds change from destructive to creative, lots of ideas, plans, desires, hopes and visions of the way forward fuels our energy, drive and pleasure.

Which comes first - reacting to what is happening around us or reacting to what we are thinking? How can our thoughts propel our feelings - the roller-coaster of our mind?

Cindy Hurn is a mind traveler. With her successful Coaching practice and Personal Development workshops Cindy has traveled into many a mind opening the doors of internal processing - freeing trapped patterns of thought while Awakening the Spirit.

The Cindy Hurn Show leads us in the landscape of the mind. Each week her guests share the color, shape, texture sounds and workings of how they think and how they feel. In the process other doors are opened for deeper understanding.

If you have ever wondered what the inside looks like then join us on the Cindy Hurn Show. It's colorful imagery gives us insight not only to Cindy's guest but as well starts us thinking about the world we carry within. What are our strengths and how and when do our  minds begin to struggle and how can we help ourselves create a more positive and fertile environment?

"I've never met a mind I haven't liked" Cindy says. "The potential is always present but if ignored lays undiscovered. An undiscovered mind is a sleeping giant which can and does get grumpy through frustration.  Our minds are powerful and with control become our greatest ally but without robs us of peace of mind. A mind which has no peace will indeed let you know."


Tune into The Cindy Hurn Show Radio Mondays 7pm (GMT) and the Cindy Hurn podcasts on iHeart Radio. Get informed and inspired to start thinking about what you are thinking about....


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