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Not enough time?

I had a dream about time.

The beginning of the dream was total darkness. Then a spotlight shining on an old grandfather clock. As I watched the face of the clock opened and out escaped a Court Jester. He started to run away and as he did, I realised that this was Time running away from me. My first reaction was to chase Time. But the faster I ran, the faster he ran. After a struggle I was able to corner him. Then using martial arts I tried to fight Time but to no avail, as always he just moved a bit out of my reach. Finally, after realising I could not stop Time by either catching or fighting I pointed my finger at him. Then with total focus directed the runaway back into the clock, making him get into the base of the clock rather than the face. This dream taught me that time is a concept which we all agree and the only way to control time is to focus, directing it to do what you want.

When stressed, minds speed up as does time. We believe there isn’t enough time to do all we need to get done. It’s all an illusion. Remember time is malleable. So when struggling with a deadline believing you don’t have enough time, stop and remember the many other deadlines successfully met. Proving even against all odds there always seemed to be enough. Positive reinforcement relaxes the mind and as it does the mind slows. The slower the mind, the more time we feel we have.

A relaxed mind expands time.

Then it is about defining time. If you have a project to complete – give it a start and finish. By defining that slot and then ‘pointing your finger’ with total focus on the work at hand, time will and does expand.

Remember Time will always step out of reach. We can’t catch or fight it but what we can do is take control through focus. Remember to do ‘your finger pointing.’

1  Recall past deadline successes

2  And Relax

3  Define a time slot – start to finish

4  And focus

Make Time do what you want. Time works very well with a relaxed mind. I have always found Time most agreeable.