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In tandem with workshops for Personal and Spiritual Transformation, in 1999 Cindy prompted by a dream message to use the power of her deep, rich, relaxing voice obtained honors in Hypnotherapy and with her husband Nicholas, an Acupuncturist, founded St Stephens Practice in Norwich, Norfolk. A Complimentary Health Centre St Stephens Practice offers many different therapies for a holistic approach to health and well-being. It is here Cindy runs her successful Hypnotherapy practice.

Cindy is very grateful for the vast knowledge of the landscape of the mind her Hypnotherapy Practice and Personal Development teachings have gifted her. Also found within her professional bag of expertise are qualifications in Life Coaching, NLP Masters and as well, Cindy is an ordained Interfaith Minister.

Cindy talks about Hypnotherapy...

Top in her field due to her ability to intuit, Cindy sees below the surface, calming the waters of confusion, initiating self-healing and rapid change. Multifaceted she draws on her many skills to achieve positive change.

'Within us all is a wiseman/woman who understands what is going on even when lost in the darkest waves of confusion.' says Cindy. ' As you dive below the surface the answers await. Never underestimate the power of a relaxed mind. As it is there, we hear what we already know. I am never ceased to be amazed at our ability to self-heal.'


For further information contact Cindy -
St Stephens Practice
21a St Stephens Road
Norwich, Norfolk NR1 3SP
Tel 01603 630226
Mobile 07901 655 655


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