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Restoring Balance

Problem with sleeping, impossible to relax? Struggling to enjoy family life? Impatient to be doing, impatient with others? Ignoring what you don't want to deal with, health issues or family demands?  Concerned your edges are crumbling and working harder to compensate? Yet feel better at work, more in control, more alive?

All simply signs that you've been surfing the adrenaline wave without a break for far too long.

Success requires single focus and dedication. Admirable qualities. Climbing the career ladder means keeping your eye on the ball. The higher you climb, the more attention required. But, what happens when that is all you keep your eye on? Without any relief, tension builds, making it more difficult to keep focus. While family, friends call out wanting to be seen, gaps appear in relationships as others around you don't seem to get it - the amount of energy it takes to keep that ball going. As well as the underlying anxiety that if you take your attention off the ball you will lose momentum. In fact, maybe even the ball, missing the goals you have set your sights on.

Drive and adrenaline are interconnected. The drive is the desire to succeed while the adrenaline the fuel which feeds your desire. Not dissimilar to a car, you will run out of energy if you do not continually stop to refill. Too much alcohol, poor diet, lack of sleep, irritability, poor health are all signs of running on an overdraft. Overdrafts do not just get better. They have to be addressed in order to bring back balance.

The problem with the interconnection of drive and adrenaline is it easy to ignore stress levels building, as you focus on catching that big wave. Adrenaline is a survival mechanism which gives extra energy and clarity in moments of threat. Surfing the wave keeps your energy pumping - great for achieving. The problem arises when we believe that that power is always on tap and ignoring the need to refill. Stress has away of catching up with you when you least expect it. Health is a big price to pay for refusing to see the signs.

Good health is about balance. It is also about being able to see the bigger picture. When too single focused it is easy to remain blinkered to those around us. Not only do we stop seeing but as the stress builds stop listening. To what expense?

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