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"My favorite medium is radio." says Cindy. This really comes across. With a vast amount of experience and knowledge gained from over 30 years experience in the field of Personal Development, Cindy gets us thinking about what we are thinking about. What better place than radio to open the doors of perception and understanding then by exploring the Landscape of the Mind?

Along with her weekly show on W4CY radio Cindy has also been a regular guest on BBC Norfolk and as well several guest appearances on both Radio Norfolk and Future Radio. With her own way of looking at life which is easily assessable and thought provoking Cindy speaks from her heart directly to her listeners. She is always game to share her thoughts on a variety of issues. Confidant in the field of Personal Development she is happy to take calls on a wide range of topics. Whether dealing with anxiety to interpreting dreams Cindy holds the floor making an interesting show either as a guest or presenter. Cindy loves to listen to the minds of others. Her relaxed sincere manner invites her guests to share, opening the doors to deeper perception.

Always happy to step in presenting or as a guest Cindy's flexible mind is adaptable as well as creative and can be relied on for an interesting spot.  Tune in to The Cindy Hurn Show Monday Evenings 7pm (GMT) on or listen to the iHeart Radio Cindy Hurn podcasts.

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