Cindu Hurn
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Cindy Hurn

Who is Cindy Hurn?


30 years ago, following the voice of intuition, Cindy moved from her home town near Boston, MA to England. Always an Intuitive, Cindy trusted her inner sat-nav, allowing a new path to unfold. Ultimately it was this trust which led her to helping thousands find out not only who they are but as well redefine who they think they are. Cindy believes that life is about perspective. How we view life around us is filtered first through our thinking and feeling department - the mind. This inner power source can either work with us but all too often works against. Not for any other reason then we haven't awoken to the Spirit within and discovered how to  strengthen and improve this most intimate relationship with ourselves.

With a high level of spiritual intelligence, Cindy clearly sees what is happening below the surface and communicates through metaphors encrusted with commonsense. Cindy believes that we have all knowledge. Through access to our Right Brain doors open connecting individuals to this sea of understanding.

Her naturally relaxed manner and sincerity draws many to learn from her perspective. Recognizing the value of her deep, positive perspective and rich accessibility to her Spiritual Intelligence in 1987 Cindy was asked to teach. She hasn't stopped. Whether within a group situation, 1-1 Personal Development, radio, talks or her writing Cindy‘s authenticity shines through making us think, about what we are thinking about, leading  us further into the landscape of the Right Brain. Here we connect on a deep level, Awakening our Spirit, making us more effective and comfortable not only in ourselves but as well, within the world.

Cindy believes that we are all connected and it is through the Awakened Spirit our perspective deepens and broadens. It is not about what you believe but more about developing a relationship with your Spiritual Self. After all there are many ways to climb a mountain. Some take the clearly marked paved path while others like to make there own way up. All ways are valid and lead to the same source. Cindy offers bespoke transitional life ceremonies whether a Wedding Blessing or Celebration of Life Ceremony she creates ceremony which is felt, touching hearts in the process.

It was through meditation many years ago Cindy was given a new psychology, the Awakening Process. This inner mapping provides accessibility to our conditioning enabling the 'ahh ha' moment of self understanding. With 25 years apprenticeship within this process Cindy is now moving forward to teach and share her Awakening Process. Used within all of what she does the Awakening Process provides a simple way into the vast landscape of ourselves and within it common sense understanding to our Awakened Self.

Listening to Cindy is like flipping on a switch. Suddenly, clearly you see not only where you are but as well - why you are. Change happens.


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